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Essential Sewing Supplies – Glass Head Pins


There is a BIG difference from pin to pin.  If your pins are too big, too thick or not sharp, you will distort your patchwork before you even begin to stitch.
If your pins are too short or too fine, they are difficult to use.

Collins Glass Head Pins

I love these glass head pins for the vast majority of patchwork sewing that I do.  The heads don’t melt when you iron them by mistake.  They are just fine enough, they are long enough and they are sharp.  The stats:  1-1/2″ long with a .50 mm shaft.  The perfect pin storm.  These are by Collins.  Ask for them at your local quilt shop!

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One Response to “Essential Sewing Supplies – Glass Head Pins”

  1. deb says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with these pins and use them all the time. I teach the stack and whack series, one block wonder, and 4 patch and the pins are so sharp they go through many fabrics when pinning your blocks to sew. I also advise people that you are only supposed to tach your blocks together just take a little fabric this way when you take your needle out the fabric will barely move.

July 28, 2016
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