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A Few Loose Threads

Welcome to the Blog Tour!

The newest issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks hits the newsstands this week.


You’ll find my block on page 71 – it’s called Orion.


I love the three dimensional effect created by the black with the red.


Here are a couple of project ideas:

Make three blocks and sew together with 1-1/4″ sashing using the background fabric and bind with a contrasting print.

Orion Runner

Or make a bunch of blocks, sew together with sashing and cornerstones for a quick lap quilt.

Orion Quilt

  Follow the 100 Blocks Blog Tour each day this week,  November 11 – 15 at the Quilty Pleasures Blog.

Leave a comment on this post to be included in the drawing for a copy of the magazine or one of my newest patterns.

I would love to hear what your ideas are for using this block!

Winners will be posted here on Saturday!

Happy Quilting

282 Responses to “Welcome to the Blog Tour!”

  1. Carla G says:

    Awesome block!! And I love your color combo! 🙂

  2. Cathryn says:

    Neat color combination!

  3. Pamela Reim says:

    Great graphic block. thks

  4. Sallee says:

    Love your block! Congrats on it being chosen for the magazine. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  5. Carol says:

    I really like that block. You make it look so easy ! 🙂

  6. Andee Neff says:

    Thanks for the chance. Very nice block.

  7. Laura says:

    Wow! Your fabric choices really make your block POP! It’s good to see how the use of color can influence a block.

  8. Elaine M says:

    I love the 3D effect of your Orion block. It would make an interesting corner block in a border.

  9. Lisa McGriff says:

    This is a great block and would a good one to do for our do.Good Stitches group.

  10. Julie T says:

    Love your block. Did you see what Northcott did with it? Looks great!

  11. Kathy says:

    Love your block! And black/white/red is a great combination for this pattern. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  12. Linda Christianson says:

    I have made a block like this in red, white and blue.

  13. Connie Wood says:

    Love red and black quilts! excited to win a book or one of your patterns

  14. Darlene says:

    I love your block! I’m preparing to make a black, white and red quilt. Your block is so bold!!!

  15. Audrey says:

    Great block. I like the look when the block is repeated in the table runner and quilt. Without sashing there is lots of negative space for quilting. Thanks for offering a giveaway.

  16. What a great block! Love it in the strong colors. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of 100 Blocks.

  17. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    love the block and your choice of colors. I like to make table toppers so thanks for showing it that way.

  18. Deb W says:

    I can see this with a black background with bright colors – perfect for a child (or someone that’s a child at heart)

  19. Connie Hendryx says:

    Great site! Love the strong graphic presence of your block!

  20. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    I love the red and black in the table runner. I am always looking for patterns for table runners. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Marilyn Tucker says:

    Wow! I love the red and black! Gorgeous!

  22. Helen says:

    This block truly pops right off the surface. Love the color combo.

  23. I am totally intrigued about how to construct this block! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  24. Ellen says:

    Love this block. My daughter is getting married and June and already decorating her unknown new house, so this block will make a great pillow she can use where ever in her unknown future house.

  25. KT says:

    Love this block. I think a whole quilt would look very cute

  26. March Ann says:

    Love the block and the colors that you used. As a new quilter I am loving this quilt blog hop and meeting all the Great Quilters out here on the net.

  27. I would like to see it in batiks with a limited color palette. Maybe a dark and medium of the same color with the light of that color as the background. Or the dark as the background and the medium and light as the stars–like the night sky.

  28. Judy Forkner says:

    Love the dimensional quality of this block!

  29. Kaci Longoria says:

    Maybe with some circles…moon and stars?
    In blues and silver…hmmmm…

  30. Barbara Young says:

    I really like this block. I think that I would have to try it in the colors of blue and yellow. Love the name, Orion is one of my most favorite constellations.

  31. Beth T. says:

    Wouldn’t this be a nice Christmas-y table runner? Congrats on another great block being included.

  32. Narelle says:

    Cool block…I’d be interested to see how several blocks looked set on point 🙂

  33. usairdoll says:

    What a striking block! Dramatic with bold colors but I’m sure it would look pretty done scrappy. I’d love a quilt and a tablerunner would be lovely as well. Congratulations on being included in Vol.8, Quiltmaker’s 100.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  34. Loretta Aymond says:

    I would use the block to make quilts for my two grandsons!

  35. SoccerMom says:

    This would make a great table runner for Christmas, or even a cute scrappy baby blanket.

  36. Holly Colvin says:

    I love your block! I think a quilt and matching pillow would be awesome! I love how its dimensional also!

  37. Barbara says:

    I like your block with the 3-D effect. I would like it for a lap quilt, wondering how it would look with different colours for each block

  38. Marion Kersnick says:

    Interesting block & would use it in a table runner or maybe for a block exchange !

  39. Stephanie Matz says:

    Great block, and I’m also addicted to red and black!

  40. Stephanie Matz says:

    Love the block..I’m addicted to black and red, too!

  41. Marie says:

    Just took a ‘walk’ through your shop. What great patterns. My wish list is growing..

  42. Lucy says:

    Love your block, love the colors!

  43. Margaret Andrews says:

    I would love to make it out of 1930 type fabric. Thanks for sharing your block.

  44. Karen P says:

    A table runner would be my choice for your Orion blocks.

  45. Angelia L. says:

    I think your Orion block would look great made with some masculine fabrics for the men in my family. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Jenn Reed says:

    I like how bold your block’s color choice is. I would love to use bright purple and gray or black, great job 🙂

  47. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    I love to see it in pink, black and gray!

  48. debbie says:

    nice block

  49. Bonnie says:

    Love your Orion Block! Thanks for sharing the project ideas.

  50. Trish Brownlee says:

    This would look cool in Christmas colours, or in blue and gold

  51. Joy says:

    I think Orion would make a great teenage boy’s quilt.

  52. Lynne says:

    What a gorgeous lively block. It shines happiness and light. I love it.

  53. Nancy says:

    I bookmarked your site so I can come back and check out your patterns for blocks and purses.

  54. Emily C says:

    This block will look awesome mixed in with other blocks and used for the corners. On point perhaps.

  55. Sheryl B says:

    I am currently on a mission to use up all those space hogging scraps! I would attempt the block using well-coordinated scraps!

  56. Pat Wade says:

    Great block for repeating

  57. Joan H. says:

    Your Orion block is great. It would be a striking patriotic quilt if done in red, white and blue.

  58. Linda Wayda says:

    Very interesting block. I can see it in some other delicious colorways.

  59. Lin Marsh says:

    I like the 3-dimensionality of your color choices.

  60. Nancysue says:

    Love your block. I might try it in blue/pale blue shades to use it as a wintery “icy star” look to it 🙂 Congrats on your great block 🙂

  61. Laura says:

    Orion is a striking block. Love it.

  62. Bonnie Thiem says:

    Your block is so striking looking.

  63. Tami Chaulk says:

    Congratulations for getting published! I love the three dimensional effect of your block as well! These would make some great mug runs!

  64. sharon says:

    Color make the block I’m tempted to try it in Bright and light blue

  65. Liz Engman says:

    Looks like there is a secondary circular motif showing up as well encompassing the squares. Could be fun to play with that, too.

  66. Deb says:

    Congrats on having a block in the book! Love your Orion block. I’d love to be included to win.

  67. Sharie says:

    Such a Cute block ! Thanks for a chance to win giveaway.

  68. Andresa says:

    Love Love Love! Such a simple block (it looks like it would be quick & easy to do) but so much impact!

  69. Susan Blumenshein says:

    Orion is wonderful! Love the colors you used (love black & red, anyway). This pattern really jumps out at you~in a good way! Thanks for the chance to win.

  70. Deborah Rhodes says:

    Beautiful block lots of options Good for a quilt for a boy

  71. Pamela Onofreo says:

    I love the 3-D effect!

  72. This block would look great with any fabric combo! I’d make a fun modern version!

  73. Kerrie says:

    Great block! The black and red work well with this block. The 3-D affect is very cool! Wonder what other color combinations would recreate that affect.

  74. Pat D says:

    Love your block. Especially like it made into a table runner.

  75. Karen says:

    Nice block…I would do it in purples, greens and creams for a table runner…Thanks for a chance to win, Karen

  76. Lisa E says:

    I would enlarge the block and make a pillow!

  77. Sylvie Bissonnette says:

    I like the three dimensional effect of the black and red too! Congratulations on your block being published.

  78. Sally says:

    I love your block. It’s very striking. I thought that maybe staggering the blocks would look good.

  79. Marianne says:

    I would use this block in a table runner.

  80. Judy says:

    I love the block. It looks hard but fun.

  81. I love the runner and think it would look wonderful in Christmas prints too.


  82. Deborah DeBerry says:

    I am thinking placemats, and of course, the table runner to match. A quilt wouldn’t be bad, but it sure looks like you put a lot of work into your beautiful block.

  83. Loraine Jarman says:

    Love all the blocks.

  84. Denise says:

    Thank you for the block! I love the star/compass look and the squares really make a statement!

  85. Cathy Remus says:

    I am seeing it in blues and golds, very regal!

  86. v dale says:

    Definitely would make a great patriotic quilt! Nice blog!!

  87. ritainalaska says:

    yummm! would make a big block table mat in greens with this fantastic block! thanx!

  88. Sandy Curtis says:

    Love your use of black, white and red. I think I would make placemats.

  89. MaryBeth says:

    Very pretty block. I think this would make a nice quilt of valor done in red, white and blue.

  90. Nancy says:

    Love your block, Orion, and other blocks on your site, also.

  91. Donna says:

    Such a dramatic block. Love it!

  92. Ruth Wohlgemuth says:

    Interesting block, might like it as a scrappy quilt Star in all different colors with the small squares a complimentary fabric

  93. LeAnn says:

    I’d maybe use the little squares to create an I Spy quilt, with brightly colored stars in the middle of the block. (I have 9 grandkids.)

  94. Anne Cowan says:

    I think that Christmas fabrics and your block pattern would make a wonderful table runner! Thanks for sharing.

  95. VickiT says:

    What a pretty block. I was thinking right away how pretty it would be to make table runner and matching placemats from the block.

  96. Margaret Schindler says:

    Love your block and how you arranged it as a tablerunner. Thanks for sharing

  97. Jamie Todhunter says:

    I like your block. It looks like it would be fun in many different color schemes. I think it would make a great pillow. Thank you for sharing.

  98. Annmarie says:

    I’m into table runners right now & this block would make up nicely in Christmas prints. Can’t wait to WIN Vol. 8 to get started!

  99. Maureen says:

    Fantastic block! Love the name! And I love the idea of a table runner. Thanks for a chance at the give-away.

  100. Marcia says:

    Love the 3d look with dark and light fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  101. Awesome block! I’d like to see it in Civil War repro fabrics as a table topper.

  102. Beth Patrick says:

    one of the guys here in the office is named Orion — it would make a good pillow for him!

  103. Linda says:

    Great block! I would make a throw. Navy background with a red and white star.

  104. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    Your block is perfect for a guys quilt!

  105. I think your block would be great for a guys quilt!

  106. marta says:

    nice block,I will try something ‘on point’ for sure….thank you…marta

  107. Colette says:

    I would love to see them in red and blue for a QOV and the star points all touching. Lovely block.

  108. Jeanette says:

    Am wondering how the block would look done in purple

  109. Kris S in WI says:

    I think it would look great as cornerstones or a border along the top or bottom of a quilt.

  110. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    Really loving your block. I want to make a table runner for a Christmas present.

  111. Marie Williams says:

    I’d do a wall hanging! Love it, and the name is very nice too.

  112. Dawn Frisch says:

    It’s so amazing that the block actually does look 3-D!! I think making a real large one would look great as a wallhanging…especially if you put pictures in place of the corner squares… Just a thought!
    Happy quilting

  113. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    Amazing how 3D they do look with those fabrics!

  114. Carrie P. says:

    neat block. i would love to see it done in blue fabrics.

  115. Melanie says:

    I love the 3D look of this. Wonder how it would look on point?

  116. Suzanne Flaro says:

    I like your quilt block very much. I think it calls for some vibrant colours like pinks and oranges.

  117. Nichole Alvarez says:

    I would start with placemats and table runners, then work my way up to a quilt!

  118. Mel Meister says:

    I would like to make a lap quilt. I have EQ7 and would probably design something in the software using the block.

  119. Nancy Roraback says:

    I really like your block! I love the 3D effect!

  120. Sheila Ivany says:

    Love your colour choice. A table runner & place mats makes a
    house warming gift. Happy Quilting:)

  121. Louise K. says:

    Neat blog…it would be fun to make a throw in controlled-scrappy style.

  122. Kalynn Fail says:

    This is a block I would totally use.

  123. Darlene says:

    I like to make sample blocks and decide what to do with it later. I like the movement in your block.

  124. Julie B says:

    Great star block. I think it would compliment fabric with a space or cosmos theme and change the colors to blue, black, and gold.

  125. Joyce Carter says:

    Love the block. I think I would use it to make placemats. Thank you for the giveaway.

  126. Kaye M. says:

    Your block, Orion is very dynamic and I like the 3-D look! Thanks for sharing the table rummer layout, I love seeing the blocks made up into projects.

  127. Jennifer says:

    This is going to be one of my favorite blocks from the mag – can’t wait to start a whole quilt from it.

  128. Darla Dishman says:

    Love the 3D look, Sew many different ways, Like the colors. Thank for the chance to win. Congrats,….

  129. Donna Amos says:

    A very striking block. Lots of possible settings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  130. Debbie H says:

    Very pretty block! I would use bright colors and make a tote bag. Thanks!

  131. Bernie S says:

    Very nice block. Thanks for sharing.

  132. Diana says:

    I am partial to star blocks and think Orion is great. Can’t think of anything nicer than a quilt made with your black and red fabrics!

  133. Debbie Yarbrough says:

    I would creat a quilt without the sashing to creat a secondary block , in pink,orange and red!

  134. Rose says:

    Nice block and congrats. Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. Rose says:

    Nice block, congrats and thanks for the chance to win.

  136. Pam C says:

    I like the 3d effect as well. This would be a cute baby quilt.

  137. Loriann F says:

    I think I would make a table runner, using three different colored stars.

  138. Mary Kastner says:

    I love the dimensional look of your block. Very nice. Thank you for the chance to win.


  139. Cynthia H says:

    I could see using this block in the middle and in various places on a quilt I am making. The quilt is very “step and repeat” so this might liven it up a bit.

  140. Kate says:

    fun block, love the bold aspect of it. Thanks for the chance!

  141. paula dalby says:

    Congrats on having your block published in the book and thank you for the giveaway. I love these Blog Hops because I find so many new ideas and creative people writing stuff I’m interested in!

  142. texana says:

    I think this block would make a marvelous patriotic quilt or table topper.

  143. Laura McFall says:

    LOVE! This is a great block – high contrast and lots of possibilities. Thank you!!

  144. Loretta T says:

    Love the idea of two tones same color.

  145. Lizzie says:

    I like your block and the colors you used!

  146. MoeWest says:

    I like the 3D effect, so I would want to keep that in mind when choosing my fabrics. I think it would make a pretty placemat with something added to one side to make a rectangle, such as 3 smaller versions of this block.

  147. Cathy says:

    What a great block. Thank sor the giveaway. Hugs

  148. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    Now I get to play with color contrast on your block design – great pattern.

  149. Janet T says:

    I have always liked that block. I see many colored stars on a black background.

  150. Sandy says:

    Fun block – love the name!

  151. Linda says:

    Love the 3D look and I can it as a table runner, drawing people to it.

  152. Rhonda D. says:

    I think the Orion block would make a great table runner. I would use blue and yellow with a fussy cut sunflower in the little squares. Thanks for the chance to win!

  153. Leanne says:

    Great block! The colour contrast is lots of fun.

  154. Annie says:

    I also love the three dimensional effect of your block!

  155. Margo Scott says:

    I would use the block along the edges of a quilt!

  156. Deborah says:

    I love the contrast that you used. I am a new quilter and stars scare me, but I think this one is doable at my level.

  157. Connie Higgins says:

    In the last two years my favorite combo is black/red/white or beige.

  158. Susan says:

    I can see this block made into many things–table cloth, table runner, place mats, pillows, a quilt. What I like about the way you have made it is the ED effect. I can also see this block as a scrappy block or all solids.

  159. Cynthia Knapp says:

    Very nice block. I can see a full quilt made with the black and white, but instead of red for all blocks, use a different primary color for each block. Congratulations on being in the magazine.

  160. Dorothy Holt says:

    I like the colours you have used and would use the on point one.

  161. barbe price says:

    great block, so many possibilities

  162. Linda says:

    Great bock! I think it would make a wonderful man quilt.

  163. Rebecca Schmitt says:

    The 3D look on this block is so fun!

  164. Jeanne says:

    I really like this block and the colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  165. Linda H says:

    May just have to “steal” your block for use in our guild’s “quilt of the month” program … winner gets all the blocks and can make a quilt with them. LOVE the dimension of this block … well done!!

  166. Kimberly Osteen says:

    Congratulations! Love your block!

  167. Elaine Morgan says:

    I love the colors in your block and think that it could be used for anything!

  168. Rachel Wright says:

    Would make neat holiday pot holders 🙂

  169. Barb Johnson says:

    I’d like to try your block in an “on point” setting. It would be interesting to see how it would change the look.

  170. Cathy B says:

    Great block, congratulations on having it published in the magazine.

  171. Judy says:

    Beautiful block, I also love it when the color combination gives dimension to the block

  172. Sherry B says:

    Lovely block, looks hard but maybe not? You asked for other ideas…I wonder what it would look like using 4 different colors instead of two? I’ll have to try it!

  173. Regina says:

    I like the pinwheeling effect – I think I would see what it looked like with two colors closer together – like 2 shades of blue, or with one of the 2 colors more closely matching the background to make that pinwheel pop more. Great block!!

  174. Hildy says:

    Wouldn’t it look great with a navy background and a lot of colorful stars? I think it would:-)

  175. Jackie H says:

    Love the block, simple yet elegant. It would make a great quilt for one of my boys.

  176. Liz says:

    Wonderful 3d effect.

  177. kathy pfaltzgraff says:

    Great block, looks so doable and a table runner would be my choice, Kathy

  178. Julie in WA says:

    Orion makes me think of the constellation, so what would happen if the background was black like the night sky?!!! I like the other ideas too, like rwb for quilt of valor, and using school colors!

  179. Kathryn Knox says:

    Hi! Great block, like the colors and would also look good with other color combinations.

  180. Patty Swatzell says:

    I love the star pattern and think I would try to use a red, white and blue pattern for a Quilt of Valor. Thanks for the giveaway. Congrats for getting your block in Vol 8.

  181. Charlene McCullough says:

    Love the colors of the block and I adore stars. Just love the blog tour, first time I’ve done it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. Tyne Dimitrov says:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! I Love your block.. and I think that it would make a great pillow!!

  183. Rhonda says:

    Striking block

  184. Linda Webster says:

    Your block in an all-over pattern Christmas table cloth would look fantasti!.

  185. carol says:

    Great block

  186. Kathy L says:

    Think this would make a wonderful lap quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  187. MaryLou says:

    What a wonderful block – you could do so many different color combinations and each one would look like a different quilt — table runners would sure be fun with this pattern also… Thanks for such a great pattern.

  188. Gwen W says:

    Great block! Thanks for the inspiration!

  189. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    Would be good in school colors also!

  190. Renata says:

    This is a very interesting block!

  191. Rommy van Houten says:

    I love your block, nice star and colors. I my mind I see the quilt on my bed

  192. Shelor says:

    Love to make a table runner with that block.

  193. Linda says:

    I love the block just as it is. My daughter-in-law loves these colours and a quilt made just like you have suggested would fit the bill. Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. Vivian says:

    I love the three dimensional effect, I can see it on point in a circle with a black background. I see it clearly in my head but I know it sounds weird. Nice block anyways.

  195. Carol says:

    Nice block. I like the black and white and red.

  196. Sharon Green says:

    I love the Orion block. It would make a beautiful Christmas table runner and quilt. So many possibilities. I am glad it is included in the new volume. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  197. Sandy K says:

    I like the secondary pattern that the blocks create.

  198. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I would make it in different shade of blue for a starry table runner. Thanks for the give away!

  199. Ann says:

    Love the table runner. I make them for couples getting married in their wedding colors (if possible) and I like your block!

  200. Vicki H says:

    I think made up with red, white and blue would make a great table topper for the 4th of July.

    • Kris Fullner says:

      What a wonderful block…have been enjoying the visits with all the designers..Thank You for another chance to enter…Kris…;-)

  201. Kathy Gentry says:

    I love the blacks and reds together. Beautiful block–congratulations on being in the book!

  202. Patty Morales says:

    Boy I have been looking for just the right pattern for new kitchen curtains and now I have found it, awesome job! Hope my curtains will look as beautiful as your blocks do!

  203. Dee says:

    Love your block, and your patterns!

  204. Hanke says:

    I love your block and the colors. It is a great block to use for a Christmas tablerunner. Thanks for the chance!

  205. Lynn Nelson Markley says:

    Love your block, I would use more pastels and make a table runner

  206. Alice says:

    I have been looking for an awesome pattern for the red, white and black fabrics to make into a quilt for my son. This is the block to use. Yay.

  207. arlette says:

    I could make a table runner with your block!

  208. Janine Huisjen says:

    I like the 3-D effect!

  209. Kim says:

    Love your block. Thanks for the chance to win!

  210. Joanna says:

    I like the name and I like the block. This would work well in a Quilt of Valor or other patriotic project. Or at Christmas time in holiday fabrics.

  211. Jeanne says:

    In a quilt and a few pillows is how I would use this block. I really like it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  212. Kathy h says:

    Great block. I love the illusion of depth.

  213. Lori Smanski says:

    Congrats on being published. This I a very pretty block. I can see how this would be so versatile in so many different fabrics. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  214. Lorri says:

    Love the color contrast. thank you

  215. Diane says:

    Very nice block. The 3 D effect would be stunning in batiks.

  216. Darla Dishman says:

    Congrats!!!! Like the block, Would love to see or do this in Bright colors. Great job.

  217. Gill says:

    I like your block – I’d love to see it in rainbow colours!!

  218. Janice Hill says:

    LOVE this block!

  219. Alberta Price says:

    This block would be very interesting used as a filler block between applique blocks.

  220. Madeline says:

    I like the block, but I dont really like those colors, unless they represented a school. I would like it better in red and green.But, then, that’s what it’s all about, right? Making it my own using my own colors, after jumping off from your pattern, which I wouldnt have thought of myself. Thanks for the ideas.

  221. Michele says:

    Great Block. Love seeing the way it sets together.

  222. Pat Joho says:

    perfect for a table runner

  223. Karen says:

    Block would look great in batiks with strong color contrast. My mother would like a table runner and placemat set from this block;

  224. bonnie says:

    love this square would love to make it into a snuggle quilt for my grand son

  225. Dorothy G says:

    Congratulations on being published in Quiltmakers Vol 8 magazine. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the magazine and/or one of your beautiful patterns.

  226. Lori S says:

    Very strong block in a great color combination. Thanks for the chance to win,

  227. Sandy says:

    I think it would make great pillows in coordinating colors.

  228. Different color values such as green and purple! Or, use this block in combination with another similar block! Thank you for a chance to win.

  229. Rachell R says:

    congrats on another great block! I might just need to include this star in my next quilt–a star sampler for my baby on the way!

  230. kaylace says:

    This would make an interesting exchange block or guild block for a charity quilt. The background and black would be standard for each block but the second color in the star would the block makers choice… a great charity quilt(s) could make some folks warm and happy. Kaylace

  231. LOVE LOVE LOVE your block!! I’d make seasonal table toppers with themed fabrics but would LOVE a full size in my two favorite colors..PINK & GREEN!!

  232. rosa says:

    Love your block and layout and I`d make a lap quilt.

  233. Tish Miller says:

    My grown Grandson was “peeking” over my shoulder as your blog opened, he saw your red black and grey block. He loves the black and red quilt I made him last year, now he says he needs another quilt made with your block. I told him I would put it on the list and try and get him another quilt made. Thanks

  234. Mary Jo Jones says:

    Orion looks like a great block…and I love it in the tablerunner!I can always count on great ideas from you!

    Congrats on making the magazine…anxious to try this block!

  235. Sherry VF says:

    I think your block would be great in a table runner or as corner stone blocks in a larger quilt. Nice job.

  236. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love your block! I think it would make a great Christmas table runner using Christmas colors

  237. Such a great block. Would look great in whatever color palette chosen but I really love the contrast of the bright red with the black and white.
    Excellent job and congratulations!

  238. SuzK says:

    This is such a fun block. I’d definitely do the contrasting colors but take the sashing off so the secondary pattern really shines as well.

  239. Janet Frank says:

    Super block! I’d make a lap quilt for my Hubby!

  240. Debby says:

    Congratulations! I love red, white & black blocks – great job. I think this block would make a wonderful table runner – which I just happen to be needing a new one! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  241. Mary Hayes says:

    Great block..I love stars. Just in time for Christmas colors!

  242. Sandi says:

    Love your block. I’m hooked on pinks and browns now so would probably make a quilt with those colors. I think I also would like to try it scrappy and see how it looks. Thanks for a chance to win.

  243. Pammie says:

    Love the block – I’d like to make it in primary colours

  244. Dana Gaffney says:

    Lovely block and it looks like fun to play with, I’d probably try setting it on point.

  245. Lee says:

    I would love to do in Navy and Silver and use as a holiday wallhanging! thanks!

  246. Xenia says:

    I really like the look of three-dimensional blocks, and yours is so great. I might though choose other colors, may be the use of different shades of the same color will make it even more 3D 🙂 Not sure, thank you for the idea and the giveaway!

  247. Marly says:

    A really super block; I love blocks with clear lines. You’re right: the starkly contrasting red and black give a 3D effect. I’d like to make it in other colours, yellow and purple maybe, and see what happens.
    Thank you for sharing your work. I’m having a great time this week, visiting so many designers.

  248. Sue says:

    Congrats on your block being included in QM’s Vol. 8. Thanks for the chance to win a copy…I look forward to making your block…always looking for a new STAR block…they work in so many ways. I would do this in Christmas fabrics for a table topper.
    Sue CollectInTexas Gal

  249. Lisa Marie says:

    The squares in the corners of this block really make it unique. And I love the secondary patterns it makes. I would like to try setting the blocks without sashing, maybe in Christmas colors.

  250. Ruth says:

    I love the 3 dimensional look of the star and would love to make a christmas table runner with it.

  251. Marca Fritzemeier says:

    Right now I’m thinking of fall colors, gold/brown and orange/red, with batiks.

  252. Mary says:

    This block reminds me of the seaside fir so e reason. I mean, I see it in blues and worked into a balance for the beach house.

  253. Jitka says:

    It is nice star. I can imagine it on dark background.

  254. Donna Joy says:

    Love the 3D effects. I have some red and black to use and would love to see if I could get 3D effects. I would make a bag using that block.

  255. KT says:

    Great block! I would like to make it in 2 shades of blue as a midnight star. Thanks for the chance to win!

  256. Zippy says:

    Love the block , the colors and the 3D effect. Would make a great table runner.

  257. Delaine says:

    That is a beautiful block. It would make a perfect Christmas table runner or table cloth. Thanks.

  258. Helen Finnimore says:

    Love this block and it looks like a 3D image. I think I will try this in greens for one of the boys in the family.

  259. Qltmys says:

    Love your block and your creative ideas.

  260. Lynn Mc says:

    Your star looks striking in this colourway. Congratualtions on making it into Volume 8.

  261. Josefina says:

    I think your block would look great on point. Thank you for sharing.

  262. collette mcmanus says:

    Love your blog.

  263. Cindy says:

    Beauriful block! I just finished a quilt top in these colors for my son as a Christmas present.

  264. Anita says:

    Good looking star! I would like to make a scrappy table runner with it.

  265. Jocelyn says:

    This block is so stunning. I love the three blocks as they make a great table runner. Great job!

  266. Sandra says:

    I would probably use it for a pillow or lap quilt. Thank you for the chance to win.

  267. Mary Ellen says:

    Great block, I like the 3D effect. Thanks for a chance to win. Heard you attended Roseann’s retreat, fun!

  268. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Great block – I can see it in some of my stashed Christmas fabric. Thanks.

  269. Cecilia says:

    I love the way your block looks 3D. I can see making this into a pillow and even as the front of a tote bag. I love the red and black combination. Thanks for the ideas, I like the table runner idea. Congratulations on being in the magazine again.

  270. Pat V. says:

    I can definitely see this as a runner on top of my piano in the entry of our home. Thanks for a lovely block!

  271. Beth T. says:

    How fun thatyou’re in the magazine again. That was how I found you in the first place! I have Christmas on my mind these days, so naturally your block has a potentially Christmasy feel to me.

  272. Deborah Rhodes says:

    Live this would be a great block for quilt of valor

  273. Jo says:

    Great block and I love seeing the pics of the multiple blocks

  274. Debra Neiman says:

    This is a really nice block, love the colors. I just finished a wedding quilt for my daughter red, black and white fabrics too. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  275. Wendy says:

    Nice block! It’s great to see it in project ideas also. Thanks!

  276. Fun block-I love the 100 Block magazines!

  277. Tammy L says:

    What a great star block. I love the idea of useing the blocks as table runners.

  278. Kathie L says:

    I love any kind of star block. I think I’d start small and make potholders for friends and family.

  279. Ella says:

    This is a really nice block, I think I would use in a quilt for my oldest Grandson

  280. Martina says:

    This is a fun block and I like your colors! I think at the momentI would use it for a treeskirt.

July 27, 2016
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